Implementation and Support Overview

All Implementations of SmartsEngine Follow a Similar Work Plan.

I. Pilot

Setup Planning, Decision-Making, and Navigating Processes

Create initial setup of SmartsEngine that meets organization wherever it is in terms of planning, decision-making, and navigating processes

Integrate with IT Environment(s)

Use SmartsEngine's powerful and comprehensive built-in systems integration functions to meet the organization wherever it is in terms of IT environment, including multiple ERP systems at cnce.

Prove Out Initial Setup

Here we prove out the initial setup and establish a Center of Excellence (COE) platform using the SmartsEngine Platform. This prove out is generally through iterating through processes until they are right. We make clear how quick returns are achieved at rollout. We make clear how development of enterprise business IQ proceeds -- so that the customer sees this happens by design through normal usage. Once the customer's pilot team is satisfied and rollout is a go, we proceed to rollout.

II. Rollout

Full Setup

Leveraging the setup work completed during the pilot phase, we set up all users, educate, train, certify, and go live.

Governed and Guided Usage

With initial implementation over, the logic of SmartsEngine's design takes over. In a completely governed and guided fashion, the enterprise uses the platform for planning, decision-making, and navigating.

III. Develop and Level Up Process, Aided by Active Support

Comprehensive Learning per Decision-Execution-Results Cycle

Comprehensive learning involves building on successes, learning from and not repeating mistakes, and evolving process so that the customer relentlessly improves at reading and processing the game.

Active Support

SmartsEngine produces an great abundance of data as plans and decisions play out. McConnell Chase is ready to provide active support for dealing with this abundance of data. This is part of SmartsEngine's full incorporation of active decision science.

To ensure successful adoption, McConnell Chase is ready to provide active support in running the platform.

Incorporating Consulting, Subject Matter Expertise, Research Results, and New Ideas

SmartsEngine systematically, soundly, and relentlessly absorbs, tests, and calibrates changes arising from consulting engagements, all sorts of additional subject matter expertise, additional research results, and new ideas pertaining to reading and processing the game from any source.

Navigating and Evolving as an Ever-Smarter Competitor is Within Your Reach

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