SmartsEngine for Demand Planning

Consummate Demand Planning Solution and Center of Excellence Platform

Executing Comprehensive Demand Planning Activity with Great Efficiency within a Business IQ Development Platform.

SmartsEngine for Demand Planning is not an extension of demand planning functionality. It is very comprehensive demand planning functionality that exists within and is applied within a business IQ development platform. SmartsEngine houses comprehensive planning modules (forecasting, demand, inventory, supply chain, resource, IBP, financial) and an advanced KPI module as base layer functionality, all of which it transforms within its overarching methodology for business IQ development.

If implemented for demand planning, as the enterprise conducts its demand planning processes, SmartsEngine develops the enterprise's business IQ within the scope of demand planning.

SmartsEngine can Meet and Engage as a Consummate Platform for Demand Planning

As a consummate Demand Planning platform per se, SmartsEngine immediately achieves and then further develops best practices. It maintains a complete and current picture of all Demand Planning opportunities, issues, options, thinking, and plans–eliminating packet prep work and enabling better visibility, fewer surprises, and faster response. It provides a comprehensive platform for process:

Many Differentiators / Advantages

As a Demand Planning platform per se, SmartsEngine offers many differentiators not found in any other demand planning package. The key differentiator is being able to optimize accuracy through incorporating all information with efficiency and quality control:

Sets the Stage for Full SmartsEngine Deployment and its Benefits

The ultimate goal is not to develop business IQ within the scope of demand planning and execute a consummate demand planning process.

The ultimate goal is to out-navigate and out-evolve the competition in full.

Setting up SmartsEngine for demand planning sets the stage for this. SmartsEngine is a new category of platform and demand planning provides an excellent context for developing expertise with it before moving on to general deployment across the organization.

Navigating and Evolving as an Ever-Smarter Competitor is Within Your Reach

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