SmartsEngine Software Platform Full Overview

Strategic, New Category and Design of Enterprise Platform

For Out-Navigating and Out-Evolving the Competition in Markets and Industries

SmartsEngine is a comprehensive, collaborative software platform for planning, decision-making, and navigating an enterprise. It fully incorporates active decision science and enables an enterprise, as it uses the platform, to develop its business IQ—its collective ability to read and process the game, navigate, and evolve as a learning organization in its markets and industries—systematically and soundly to greater levels and competitive advantage.

Inspired by Hockey Great Wayne Gretzky

SmartsEngine was inspired by the play of ice hockey great Wayne Gretzky who dominated his sport to a degree that no other player in any sport has reached. He did it not by being bigger, stronger, faster, or more skilled but through superior hockey IQ. SmartsEngine is a comprehensive software platform entirely engineered to enable an enterprise to develop and exercise similar business IQ for similar results in business.

Huge Benefits to Developing Business IQ

The SmartsEngine platform appreciates that business IQ is a variable that can be developed and leveled up, and that greater levels of business IQ generate greater levels of growth, performance, and valuation. SmartsEngine further appreciates that business IQ can be leveled up into a competitive advantage, even a dominant competitive advantage, like that of a chess player with a higher or much higher rating.

Meets and Engages an Enterprise at its Current Processes

Wherever it is

At start up, the SmartsEngine platform meets and engages an enterprise wherever it is in terms of planning, decision-making, and navigating processes.

Ever-better "Chess Player"

Using the platform then turns the enterprise into a kind of ever-better chess player in its dynamic, competitive markets and industries, ever-better at every part of exercising business IQ and navigating and evolving an enterprise:

SmartsEngine can Quickly and Easily Start as a Consummate IBP Platform!

If an organization operates an S&OP/IBP process of any level of maturity, SmartsEngine can be quickly and easily be implemented as a consummate IBP platform that immediately achieves and exceeds Gartner’s Level V of IBP maturity.  A fast, huge win!

SmartsEngine houses comprehensive planning modules (forecasting, demand, inventory, supply chain, resource, IBP, financial) and an advanced KPI module as base layer functionality, all of which it transforms within its overarching methodology for business IQ development.

As a consummate IBP platform per se, SmartsEngine maintains a complete and current picture of all IBP opportunities, issues, options, thinking, and plans–eliminating packet prep work and enabling better visibility, fewer surprises, and faster response.  It provides a comprehensive platform for process definition, standardization, adherence, training, certification, evolution, efficiency, and excellence.

If implemented for IBP, SmartsEngine develops the enterprise’s business IQ within the scope of IBP and going forward sets the stage for later full deployment across the enterprise.  


Optimizing Growth, Performance, and Valuation through Greater Business IQ

As SmartsEngine proves itself, it naturally grows beyond IBP to all functional areas and management levels. In full implementation, SmartsEngine is for developing and exercising the ability to make and string together winning business decisions and moves of all sorts and thus navigate an enterprise to where business is going and growing, and away from where business is in decline, ahead of the competition. Viewed holistically, the platform is for out-adapting and out-evolving the competition in markets as a superior learning organization. Being better at navigating and evolving your enterprise into the right company in your markets for the future increases and ultimately optimizes growth, performance, and valuation¬—what all stakeholders dearly want. In full, it is the COE platform of a strategic Chief Business Intelligence Officer's function reporting to the CEO.

For perspective on SmartsEngine's value-added, we asked ChatGPT this question:

What is the value of out-navigating and out-evolving the competition in markets and industries?

ChatGPT's ten point reply:

1. Market Leadership and Dominance

By outmaneuvering and out-evolving competitors, an enterprise can secure a dominant position in the market. This allows for greater market share, increased brand recognition, and the ability to set industry standards. Customers often prefer established leaders, and being at the forefront can lead to a snowball effect in market dominance.

2. Customer Loyalty and Trust

Adapting and evolving with the changing market needs and trends showcases the enterprise's commitment to providing value to customers. This fosters trust and loyalty among customers, enhancing long-term relationships and reducing customer attrition.

3. Innovation and Product Development

Staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation. This commitment to innovation can lead to the development of superior products or services, providing a competitive edge and attracting a broader customer base. Innovative products can also command higher prices, boosting profitability.

4. Cost Efficiency and Process Optimization

Staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation and a willingness to adapt to changing market conditions. This mindset promotes a culture of creativity and agility within the organization, enabling it to respond quickly to emerging challenges and opportunities.

5. Resilience and Risk Mitigation

An enterprise that can navigate changes effectively is more resilient to market disruptions, economic downturns, or unforeseen events. This resilience is critical for the long-term viability of the business and reduces vulnerability to external shocks.

6. Talent Attraction and Retention

A forward-thinking and adaptable company often attract top talent. Skilled individuals seek opportunities to work for enterprises with a reputation for innovation and market leadership. This cycle of attracting talent further fuels the company's ability to outperform competitors.

7. Partnerships and Alliances

Companies that consistently demonstrate their ability to evolve and stay ahead of the curve are often sought after as partners. This can lead to strategic alliances, collaborations, and mutually beneficial partnerships that expand the enterprise's reach and capabilities.

8. Investor Confidence and Financial Performance

A demonstrated ability to out-navigate and out-evolve the competition instills confidence in investors. This can translate to better access to capital, higher stock valuation, and overall financial stability and growth.

9. Global Expansion and Diversification

A strong market position allows for more effective global expansion and diversification into related or new industries. The ability to adapt to diverse markets is essential for sustained growth and mitigating risks associated with being too dependent on a single market or product.

10. Long-Term Sustainability

Being at the forefront of market trends and developments positions the enterprise for long-term sustainability. It's about not only thriving in the present but also ensuring the viability and relevance of the business in the future.


In summary, the ability to out-navigate and out-evolve the competition is a cornerstone of sustainable growth, profitability, and enduring success for any enterprise. It encompasses innovation, agility, customer-centricity, and a strategic mindset that embraces change and seizes opportunities in dynamic market landscapes.

For further perspective on SmartsEngine's value-added, we asked ChatGPT another question:

What would it mean for a comprehensive enterprise software platform for planning, decision-making, and navigating an enterprise to fully incorporate active decision science?

ChatGPT's eleven point reply:

1. Real-time data analysis

The platform would be capable of collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of real-time data from various sources within the enterprise. This data would include market trends, customer behavior, operational metrics, financial data, and more.

2. Predictive and prescriptive analytics

The software platform would leverage machine learning and other predictive modeling techniques to forecast future trends, potential opportunities, and risks. It would also provide prescriptive insights, suggesting the best course of action based on data-driven analysis.

3. Enhanced decision-making

By incorporating active decision science, the platform would empower decision-makers at all levels of the enterprise with actionable insights. It would help them make informed and optimized decisions quickly, leading to better outcomes and reduced risks.

4. Continuous optimization

The software would support ongoing optimization of various processes, strategies, and plans within the enterprise. It would adapt to changing conditions, identifying areas that need improvement and providing recommendations for refinement.

5. Scenario simulation

The platform would enable the creation of "what-if" scenarios, allowing decision-makers to simulate the impact of different strategies or external factors on the enterprise's performance. This feature helps in risk assessment and strategic planning.

6. Integrated decision support

Active decision science would be tightly integrated into various modules of the software platform, such as financial planning, supply chain management, marketing, and more. This integration ensures that data-driven decision-making becomes an integral part of each department's workflow.

7. Automation and AI-driven insights

The platform would automate routine decisions and processes, freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks. AI-driven insights would assist users in identifying patterns and opportunities that might be challenging to discover manually.

8. Data-driven culture

With active decision science at its core, the software platform would promote a data-driven culture within the enterprise. Employees at all levels would be encouraged to base their decisions on data and evidence rather than intuition alone.

9. Improved agility and competitiveness

Improved agility and competitiveness: By leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics, the platform would make the enterprise more agile and responsive to market changes. It would enhance its ability to adapt to new opportunities and challenges, ultimately increasing its competitiveness.

10. Collaborative Decision Spaces

Creation of collaborative spaces within the software where teams can collectively engage in the decision-making process, share insights, and jointly explore various scenarios using interactive visualization tools.

11. Long-term sustainability

The incorporation of active decision science would lead to better long-term planning and resource allocation. By optimizing decisions and strategies over time, the platform would contribute to the enterprise's overall sustainability and growth.​


In summary, a comprehensive enterprise software platform fully incorporating active decision science would revolutionize the way organizations make decisions. It would unlock the potential of data and analytics, leading to smarter, more informed, and proactive decision-making across all aspects of the enterprise.

Navigating and Evolving as an Ever-Smarter Competitor is Within Your Reach

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